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The Ponderosa Golf Course located on the side of Mt Malisimbo,, south west of Puerto Galera town behind the popular resort enclave of White Beach.

From Sabang, Small La Laguna or Big La Laguna Beach golfers have a choice of a jeepney from Sabang or renting a banca from the beach to Muelle Pier and then taking a jeepney or tricycle on to Ponderosa. The trip will take 40 to 60minutes depending on connections.

From Muelle, White Beach or any of the other popular resort beaches there abouts the trip is 15-20 minutes on good roads. The drive up to Ponderosa itself from the National highway is three kilometers and offers increasingly spectacular panoramas as you climb. The trip is worth the effort all by itself, whether you play golf or not.

You can also hire motorbikes, ATV’s or off-road buggies at most of the resort beaches. Navigation is easy and the major routes well marked.

Puerto Galera is 130 kilometers south of Manila on the island of Mindoro. It is and reached by way of interconnecting expressways to the port of Batangas and then ferry to Puerto Galera. There are numerous inexpensive air-conditioned buses which pick-up from several points around Manila and taxis are more than happy to do the trip, at a price. Once at the port regular outrigger ferries run at hourly intervals to four entry points, Muelle, Baletero, White Beach and Sabang. Manila to Batangas is a comfortable 90 minute journey and the boat trip an hour plus depending on the entry point.

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